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You love SHOES? HERE are some fun facts about SHOES
Monday, February 15, 2016 | 0 Comment

Hello everyone, it's been such a long, long, long time since I wrote here. Been there done that had hardly made me no time for blogging . But it's still not too late to wish everyone a happy new year . We are now in the 2016 and yes, every year all of us are going through a new age . Well, age doesn't matter anyway but what matters the most is how are going to spend the time that has been given to us. I know you're thinking, eh? How about giving a little time to read these fun facts about shoes . You love shoes? Addicted to shoes? Not? Well, doesn't matter, maybe your friends are :) .

Recently I stumbled on some interesting footwear trivia that was so good I could not keep it just for myself. Shoe lovers, keep scrolling for interesting facts you never knew about shoes! Scroll down to see a list of fun facts about shoes and feet that you might find them interesting!

1. Shoe sizes were first established back in 1324 in England by King Edward II. He declared to the people that the diameter of one barley corn would represent one full shoe size – a standard of measure that is still used up until today!

2. The best-selling shoes size in the U.S is an 8.5 for women and a 10.5 for men.

3. If you think you know your foot size then most likely you could be wrong. 85% of people underestimate their size at least a half size!

4. You might don’t realise this, but your foot size can increase throughout your adult life.

5. Ancient Romans were the first to actually construct distinct left and right shoes. Before that shoes could be worn on either foot.

6. The average woman walks more than 3 miles more per day than the average male.

7. Women in the U.S own average of 19 pairs of shoes in their closet.

8. Science can actually explain your shoe addiction. According to Suzanne Ferris the editor of the book Footnotes : On Shoes, buying shoes is totally justified. Hoorayy!

9. Datuk Jimmy Choo made his first pair of shoes at the age of 11. Thank God he found his talent early so we could see his amazing artsy shoes in those movies and dramas! 

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