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An awkward day
Thursday, September 5, 2013 | 0 Comment

Just finished my homework, but not yet fully done. I'm going to do it at school tomorrow so I got to wake up early to reach school (if I can) . Hahaha. Actually I was having an embarrassing day today. Ayoyo, it was so awkward -_- . This morning, our english teacher brought a guy named Thor to our class. He was from England and yes, a British man is so tall >.<  . Everyone was so excited except some of us not and also me. I don't know why but I wasn't on the mood to see an English guy . Our class was the last one that he was going to come and today was his last day at school. But then ... the awkward moment filled the space -_- . As soon as he entered the class, everyone was in SILENCE . Oh wait no, we greeted him first then SILENCE . No one let out a word -_- . And yes, it was awkward. We don't know what to say, everyone was looking at him with eyes wide open ( I think no one blinked)  . We rarely seen 'orang putih' so I should say that I was 'jakun' at that time . It was still in silence but it was a good thing that our teacher spoke . He told us to ask Thor any questions so yeah .. we did. Everyone was asking question but we have troubled with the language and the worst part was we don't know what to ask -_-. After a question came out then it was silence again and it happened again and again . Aiyaa .. It was also embarrassing for me, I don't know what I was saying at that time . But I was grateful that we have a talk with him . He talked about his school, what he likes, why he came to Malaysia and to our school. I was so grateful about it though. That's the good part :) .

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