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Camp Night
Sunday, August 4, 2013 | 0 Comment

The day has reached its end . Yaaa ~ it's night now . What a day I've been through, thank you God for the wonderful moments and thanks to mom for everything :) .

  God has taught me so much today. I realized that when I'm trying so hard to get what I want, it doesn't even worth a thing . Well, effort is a must but when I'm making the people around me fall and give them nothing, is that something we can call success?

For here is one who has labored wisely, skilfully and successfully and must leave what is his own to someone who has not toiled for it at all. This is futile too, and grossly unjust;
Everything turns to be useless if I just leave everyone in sadness and not even happy for what I have . Worldly stuff doesn't even seems to help me . So .. share2 lh . It's caring mah ;) .

   Tonight, I'll be having a camp night with the kids. To be truth, I'm the eldest one -.-' haha . I don't want any bad things to happen, hoping that everything will be fine . But I know it will be okay ( GOD is here) :) . Enjoying the night with my little siblings and cousins :3 . *Back to my childhood moment !

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annyeonghaseyo, jeoneun hagsaeng-ibnida :) . In this little space of the world wide web, this is the only place where I can tralalala and post 'till I get bored. Lol -.- JK, no worries, I don't do nonsense stuff. By the way, don't forget to click the Follow button ;) .

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